Monday, January 31, 2005

At Forum, Leaders Confront Annual Enigma of China

By MARK LANDLER, The New York Times, January 30, 2005

DAVOS, Switzerland, Jan. 29 - In almost every panel discussion at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum here, there comes a moment when somebody mentions China.

A hush typically ensues, as panelists draw their breath, gather their thoughts and struggle to put the bewildering vastness of the topic into a few words. "China is going to be the change agent for the next 20 years," said Bill Gates, the chairman of Microsoft, when asked about the country's future by the television interview host Charlie Rose. China's staggering potential, coupled with the steep language barrier and cultural discomfort of many Chinese who come to this conference, has made it Davos's annual enigma.------------------------

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Anonymous said...

Why wait 20 years? China is already the factor for change, key to the asian region and indirectly to the rest of the world?