Saturday, January 08, 2005

Issues for East Asia: A Sinocentric View (Response to the earlier article by Yu Bin), CA, Jan. 8, 2005

Yu Bin's recent article for Asia Times Online is a very Sinocentric view of the growing pains East Asia will face as the region grows increasingly more influential and substantially richer.

Yu Bin goes into three major problems: China's relationship with its own poor and underemployed, China's relationship with Japan, and China's relationship with Taiwan. Again, with rather Sinocentric suggestions for how these problems could be best solved.

Although a Chinese-style solution to the problems – namely calm acceptance of the inevitable peaceful rise to leadership of East Asia's largest nation – would be splendid if it ensured peace and stability and prosperity for all, it is quite uncertain whether or not China can handle East Asia's affairs any better than it handles its own.

Japan's steps away from its pacifist constitution and embrace of the US missile defense plan have nothing to do with increased militarism and dreams of invasion. Rather, North Korea firing missiles and kidnapping Japanese, China encroaching into what Japan considers its own territory and a very, very nationalistic Chinese population coupled with the US inability to truly do anything about it scares the Japanese into action.


Is sinocentrism justified?

Does Japan have justifications for increasing its military capabilities?

Is China and NK really a threat ot Japan?

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