Monday, January 03, 2005

Tsunami aidmissions see better results

One of the largest US military relief operations in history helped speed the pace of aid to desperate victims of Asia's tsunami disaster on Sunday, delivering critical supplies to haggard survivors in severe need of food and water.

Flying in and out of flattened villages, US helicopters carried water, biscuits and other bare necessities to ravaged Indonesian communities, some of which had been impossible to reach in the week since an earthquake and tsunami ravaged coastlines in Asia and Africa... (click on article to continue reading)

Taipei Times


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your contribution, Milton.
I am not embarrassed by the reaction by the Bush administration. I am actually surprised, since they could have done a lot less. Japan always beats the US when it comes to aid!! That's their nature - to be helpful, right China? Haha

Anonymous said...

Actually, so called foreign aid is a farce.

What these developed nations do, especially Japan in this region is to give money, and then add stipulations, for example, you get 30 million dollars in aid for rebuilding the beachfront, so here, by some Komatsu bulldozers, and use Mitsubishi cleaners, and while you're at it use Japanese firms that serve as your main contractor, or bid only amongst Japanese contractors. Then after a while, these countries want back interest on the loan, or tell u to sell prime properties to their governments, citizens and/or multinationals. It's best for aid coming from military/professional level; but like the view of Thailand and India, it is better not to borrow money as a form of Aid.