Wednesday, March 02, 2005

S Korea calls for Japan apology

BBC News, 1 March 2005

South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun has asked Japan to apologise and consider paying compensation for its colonising of the Korean peninsula last century.
Japan has expressed regret for its actions before and during World War II, but Mr Roh said Japan should make a formal apology. "South Korea and Japan should be reborn as good neighbours," Mr Roh said.

Ties between the countries have warmed in recent years, but a new row over disputed islands has stirred tensions. "Japan must make the truth of the past known and offer sincere apologies and, if necessary, pay compensation. Only then can we be reconciled," said Mr Roh in a speech to mark the anniversary of a 1919 uprising against Japanese colonialists. "Japan should take a more positive attitude with a belief that before it is a legal issue, this is an issue of universal ethics in a human society and a matter of trust between neighbours," he said, indicating that Tokyo should follow the example of Germany.---------------------

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Dickie Simpkins said...

Japan needs to get their house in order and move the world along.
The implicit racism of the Japanese government must end.
The UN should pass a resolution making Japan apologize for past mistakes so that this particular issue become a non-issue in the future.
Maybe we can arrange a boycott of Japanese products? After all, the Taiwanese and the Koreans are getting better all the time. Samsung is already better than Sony, and Acer goes blow-to-blow with Fujitsu.
Do your duty Japan, apologize like any good Samurai Warrior would when having been confronted by a mistake, and while you're at it, stop treating non-Japanese as inferior.