Monday, March 14, 2005

S.Koreans Chop Off Fingers in Anti-Japan Protest

Reuters, March 14, 2005; 3:55 AM

SEOUL (Reuters) - Two Koreans used weed clippers and a knife to lop off fingers on Monday outside the Japanese embassy in Seoul to protest at Tokyo's claims on a group of desolate islands that South Korea insists is its territory. Park Kyung-ja, a 67-year-old woman, and Cho Seung-kyu, 40, each chopped off a finger during a rally at the embassy gates.

The long-simmering dispute over the islands, called Tokto in Korea and Takeshima in Japan, flared as Tokyo and Seoul were celebrating the 40th anniversary of diplomatic ties. Park and Cho struggled with police in riot gear guarding the embassy as they severed their digits. Police said the pair were then rushed away for medical treatment.--------------------------

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