Friday, March 25, 2005

Taiwan Urges China to Renounce Force, Repair Ties

By Tiffany Wu, Reuters, Friday, March 25, 2005; 3:26 AM

TAIPEI (Reuters) - Taiwan said on Friday it will be difficult to resume fence-mending talks with China, stalled since 1999, unless Beijing shows respect for Taiwan democracy and renounces the use of force against the island. On the eve of a planned mass protest in Taipei against China's recently approved anti-secession law, Mainland Affairs Council chairman Joseph Wu urged Beijing to remedy the damage caused by the law, which he said has dealt a severe blow to ties.

"We also want the Chinese side to understand that we are angry, and we want to show the Chinese side that we are not going to budge if China is trying to limit our freedom of expression," Wu told a foreign media news conference. "We also want the Chinese side to clearly show that they will not resort to non-peaceful means against Taiwan under any circumstances," he said.

"If the Chinese continue to go on this path, then I think there is going to be no chance for the two sides to go on a positive direction for improvement of cross-strait relations in the short term," Wu said.-----------

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