Thursday, July 27, 2006

DPRK (Dangerous Pouring Rain in Korea)

It appears that

... can't seem to digest

... but needs a whole lot more
..but less

* * *

Dealing with North Korea for the past 10 years has been like a

The Remedy: North Koreans need more F-U-N!!!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Empty North Korea

Let's empty North Korea of people. One by one. You may call it reverse abduction to freedom - or just a silly idea ... Let's think about it....

The CIA world fact book estimates there are: 23,113,019 people in North Korea.

Scenario 1: We help one person flee North Korea every hour.
>2643 years later, North Korea is empty. Tada!!
(assuming nobody has any children and no immigration).

Scenario 2: We help one person flee North Korea every minute.
>44 years later, North Korea is empty. Yahoo!!
(same assumptions as in Scenario 1).

Scenario 3: We help one person flee North Korea every second.
>Just under 9 months later, North Korea is empty. Yipeee!!
(same assumptions).

Scenario 4: The United States and Japan starts to positively engage North Korea every second.
Just 8-10 years later, North Korea looks more and more like China in 1981.

We don't have a choice!!!!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Sending Radios to North Korea

How about that?

Let's send thousands of transistor radios by balloons to North Korea (just as they did in Afghanistan) so they can listen to South Korean broadcasts.

It has been estimated that each radio would only coast USD 20. This could probably be brought down if supported by a Japanese hi-tech manufacturer.

Why? This could help bring "modernity" to North Korea.

To foster discussion (which this blog has been horrible at), how do you rate this method to helping develop a civil society in North Korea?

There are many complications involved, including opposition from the Chinese and ROK governments (who wish to keep the status quo), cost and logistics (who should carry this out?).

Tell me that I'm crazy (but don't forget to come up with a better solution).

BBC article on 2003 radio attempt