Sunday, April 20, 2008

Anti-France Sentiment in China - Care-e-Fooooorrreeeee

There's a lot of anti-Franceness going on in China these days. Quite ironic, since folks in the US seem to be getting on better terms with their love-hate relationship to their ever-romantic- farmerprotesting-escargo,cheese&wine'loving- "amis". following a barrage of anti-France/French SMS messages and various chinese blogs expressing their malice towards the French following the controversial torch relay in paris last week.

So these days, some of the more active bloggers/sms writers, or readers thereof ( or just people who feel a sense of purpose or duty to protest ), are holding vigils in front of the embassy in beijing and consulates around China, while more importantly, staging demonstrations in front of Carrefour supermarkets.

Now that's great....... I used to shop there..... Not anymore. .... Nope. ....Not after the lucky person number 1,000 drove his/her shopping over my feet while I was trying to navigate through the fruit and vegatable section of this enormously popular and crowded mini-version of walmart. Yes, people love to shop there (and piss me off in the process). ... Or was it because someone stole my shopping cart within me being in the store less than 10 mins - this happened twice in a row back in March...

Therefore you can say, I'm already holding my own anti-Carrefour protest. Not in regard to anything that happened in Paris ( i don't really care about that ) but because I'm tired of being pushed around by eager shoppers. But now that people are planning to boycott carrefour, this juncture would, also ironically, be a great time to shop there! Just me and myself!!!!! ... but then again, no ......... I don't want to find my self being chased down the streets of beijing by others than your ill-tempered beijing taxi driver (another story). so in other words. I'm just avoiding carrefour all together. Nothing against my french "ami" .... I guess it's just destiny....

what do you think? Have you seen any of these protest? are you a happy carre-one-two-three-four customer, or should I say "carre-free" (家乐自由)shop-till-u-dropper?

ps. If you have something serious to say about the anti-france issue, i'm sure you can post it at some other blog. I just want to be amused, that's all :-)