Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Doubleminded Cleaner - An East Asian Crime Thriller

... Stormy weather never deters me. Mud, water, snow or sleat never hurts me. I was born to be of pure purpose, swift justice and wild imagination. The call me the sweeper, the cleaner, the relentless workhorse that never relinquishes a chance to express a chance to take hold of a mysterious situation. Usually murders; murder of my favorite places: clean floor spaces.

This is my life. To never give up in the quest for peace, cleanliness and the use of soap or detergent.

So why am I here? Honestly, its a long story, or a series of them to be exact. I was never meant for much but through my life as an international servant of clean shoe soles and white socks, my mission never ends. I am what you might call me, what you may see - but never understand ..... i am the mop!

So what is the story - where did it all begin? ... let me begin by telling you a story of my childhood as a young, inexperienced and goalless mop.

It all began in 1654 .....

[to be continued].....