Friday, May 01, 1992

East Asia - Top 10

It is Sunday, and I would hereby like to introduce a new feature to East Asia Blog: The Top-10 list. This list will reflect the past week's most noteworthy moments in East Asia.

As always, please post your comments and suggestions.

10 (十). Parts of South Korea hit
by forest fires
9 (九). Hong Kong's new chief Execute only to serve the
remaining two years
8 (八). Koizumi's meeting with Indian PM Singh
7 (七). EU and US to probe Chinese textile industry
6 (六). Korea's ruling Uri party suffered defeat in by-elections
5 (五). Japan issues China travel warning - the China-Japan row continues..
4 (西). 30-year anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War
3 (三). North Korea fires missile into the East Sea/Sea of Japan
2 (二). Train crash in Japan kills 100+
1 (一). Lien Chan's visit to Beijing

Thank you!!