Friday, May 01, 1992

East Asia - Top 10

It is Sunday, and I would hereby like to introduce a new feature to East Asia Blog: The Top-10 list. This list will reflect the past week's most noteworthy moments in East Asia.

As always, please post your comments and suggestions.

10 (十). Parts of South Korea hit
by forest fires
9 (九). Hong Kong's new chief Execute only to serve the
remaining two years
8 (八). Koizumi's meeting with Indian PM Singh
7 (七). EU and US to probe Chinese textile industry
6 (六). Korea's ruling Uri party suffered defeat in by-elections
5 (五). Japan issues China travel warning - the China-Japan row continues..
4 (西). 30-year anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War
3 (三). North Korea fires missile into the East Sea/Sea of Japan
2 (二). Train crash in Japan kills 100+
1 (一). Lien Chan's visit to Beijing

Thank you!!


Chin-fu Hung said...

That's a good ideam, Sap. Thanks for doing this. I just wonder in what criteria do you compile this list?

cookiesap on-line said...

The criteria of the top-10 list is built on my own gut-instinct and from what I deem the most noteworthy news items of the week. IT IS very subjective and most of all reflects the events that I personally was captivated by. But the purpose is also to reflect upon and conceptualize how we comprehend the news and the ways in which the media 'hypes' some stories, while other ones, and arguable more relevant to this blog, are forgotten.

yoshi said...

Nice try, Soren. I also choose top 10 news on East Asia politics.

1, Anti-Japan demos in Korea and China.
2, Lee Teng Hui's visit of Japan and China got angry (as usual)
3, China's submarine invaded Japan's territorial waters.
4, 2+2 talks between Japan and US to strengthen the security alliance. (China got angry)
5, Japan's controversial history textbook passed the screening system. (China and Korea got angry)
6, Shimane Pref in Japan angered Korea by passing the bill which states that Takejima/Dokto belongs to Japan.
7, Kofi Annan stated that Japan definately deserves a member of the Security Council. (China and Korea got angry)
8, Taiwan's solidairity party members visited Yasukuni Shrine.
9, China and North Korea football fans rioted.
10, But still many people pray for Japan and China's improvement of their relationship, without knowing how to do it.

East Asia politics are very exciting and often acrimonious. Comments are always welcomed.

cookiesap on-line said...
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cookiesap on-line said...

Yoshi- Thanks vm for your comments. the top-10 list is supposed to be the top ten most memorable stories of the week - I think you mentioned the top ten of the month, if I am not mistaken.

I must, however, point out that they are a bit "japan" centric- with all of them, except for #9, having a relation to Japan. Where have the Philippines side of you gone? Hehe.

yoshi said...

THe most exciting news in East Asia is always China & North Korea-related. China always blames Japan. That is why my top-10 looks Japan-centric.

Well, very exciting.