Sunday, December 17, 2006

Japan Upgrades Defense Ministry

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has decided to upgrade his defense ministry to a "full ministry" for the first time since WW2.

Great - this is just what we needed.

Although the world has not YET blown up with several hot crises and wars waging (Afghanistan, Iraq, coups in Thailand and Fiji, NK and Iran nuke crises) this defense ministry move will likely move the East Asian region a step closer to reallignment (a paradigm shift, if you will) and most likely farther from long-term peace. Not that Japan will want to start a war, but inch by inch, Abe's decision will evoke anger in several other countries in Asia, particularly North Korea and China. Yes, many hands will now be closer to the gun than the diplomatic quill and ink....

Good luck, Abe. You've done a helluva job promoting peace and coexistance in East Asia. And the requirements of promoting patriotism in Japanese school. Wonderful. Not that liking your country is a sin, but in the eyes of many Chinese, this is nothing but a move towards nationalism. And to raise the stakes in that game...that's dangerous, amigo!!!