Friday, December 31, 2004


May all your dreams and aspirations come true
Please start your New Year by making a donation to the survivors from the Tsunami in South Asia.

We also look forward to the chinese new year on February 2, 2005. The beginning of the year of the Rooster!

Feliz Ano Nueno!
Godt Nytaar!

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Please donate to UNICEF

Please help the thousands of people left stranded, sick and homeless after the horrible disaster on the 26th of December.

UNICEF has always been cookiesap's top choice in disaster and humanitarian relief.

Your dollar can save lives!!!!

Sunday, December 26, 2004

A horrible day in South and South East Asia

More than 11,500 people have been killed across southern Asia in massive sea surges triggered by the strongest earthquake in the world for 40 years.


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Saturday, December 25, 2004

Seoul completes fertilizer aid to N.K.

South Korea sent the final shipment of its additional fertilizer aid to North Korea Tuesday, completing 300,000 tons of aid for this year, Red Cross officials said.

Korea Herald

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Are fertilizer, or any other aid to North Korea, justifyable?
Will the North Korean people benefit from this?

Monday, December 20, 2004

2004: China's coming out party

For years, specialist China-watchers have been predicting that the wider world would one day wake up to the country's global economic influence and superpower potential.

2004 was the year when it happened.

Mary Hennock
BBC News business reporter
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Will China continue to grow and become a world superpower?
Is that fortunate?

Monday, December 13, 2004

Chinese police arrest 3 leading intellectuals

BEIJING The Chinese police on Monday detained three leading intellectuals who have been critical of the government, apparently stepping up a campaign to silence public dissent.

By Joseph Kahn The New York Times
In International Herald Tribune
Monday, December 13, 2004

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Is this an appetizer of Hu's code of conduct for the next 5 years?
What else along these lines can we expect before the 2008 Beijing Olympics?

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Taiwan poll result set to cool China tensions

Rising tensions with China looked set to ease temporarily after Taiwan's pro-independence ruling coalition failed to win a majority in legislative elections at the weekend.

By Kathrin Hille in Taipei
Financial Times
Dec. 12, 2004

Given the most recent step for reconciliation between Taiwan and PRC - will this eliminate the prospects of an independent Taiwan?

The Two Faces of China

The New York Times
December 6, 2004, by KEITH BRADSHER, GUANGZHOU, China

FEW business executives watch the growth of the Chinese economy as closely as Michael R. P. Smith, the chief executive of the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.
Yet even Mr. Smith was startled when his staff recently projected that in 2034, bank assets in China would surpass those in the United States.
"When I saw that, I said, 'That can't be right,' and I went back to the economics guys," who confirmed the projection, Mr. Smith recalled.
Much the same surprise is cropping up in industry after industry and in country after country. From steel to oil to cars to credit cards, China is poised to become the world's biggest producer and market for many goods and services.
Along the way, China has come to terrify many foreign business executives and attract others - and sometimes both at the same time, depending on whether they see the country as a competitor, a cheap source of supply, a market, or all three.

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A landmark move for China Inc.

IBM's sale of its PC unit to a Chinese firm is the latest sign that a new giant is rising.

By Mark Sappenfield Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor OAKLAND, CALIF. –

In a moment on Wednesday, the gathering might of the Chinese economy became as imposing and obvious as the Great Wall. This was no economic forecast - no set of percentages and decimal points that hinted obliquely at the power that 1.3 billion shoppers could someday wield. This was news that a Chinese company had agreed to buy one of the most venerable product lines in the history of American technology: IBM's PC business.

In Taiwan Ballot, Ties With Beijing Seem to Be a Winner

By KEITH BRADSHER Published: December 12, 2004

TAIPEI, Taiwan, Dec. 11 - Supporters of closer relations with Beijing won a surprise victory in legislative elections here on Saturday, as voters appeared to reject President Chen Shui-bian's increasingly forceful calls in the past two weeks for greater Taiwanese independence from mainland China....

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Japan's New Military Focus: China and North Korea Threats

TOKYO, Dec. 10 - Japan adopted plans Friday to shift its military focus away from the cold-war threat of invasion from the Soviet Union to guarding against missiles from North Korea and Chinese incursions around its southernmost islands.

By James Brooke, NY Times


Opposition wins Taiwan elections

(BBC)Taiwan's opposition alliance has defeated President Chen Shui-bian's DPP party in parliamentary elections.

11 December 2004

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Is this another step backwards for an independent Taiwan?
How will this election affect the geo-political situation in East Asia?

Friday, December 03, 2004

An in-depth coverage of the 'Changing China' by the

The in-depth coverage includes issues of politics, business, AIDA.... It is worthing paying a visit.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

World AIDS Day marked by grim warning to China

PARIS (AFP) - The murderous advance of AIDS (news - web sites) was commemorated around the world in pledges, appeals, processions and concerts, but the day was stamped by China's warnings about its exposure to the epidemic.

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Yahoo/AFP. December 1st. 2004.

Are we doing enough to Fight AIDS?
Is Asia prepared for an AIDS epidemic?

Happy AIDS Day!!