Saturday, December 11, 2004

Japan's New Military Focus: China and North Korea Threats

TOKYO, Dec. 10 - Japan adopted plans Friday to shift its military focus away from the cold-war threat of invasion from the Soviet Union to guarding against missiles from North Korea and Chinese incursions around its southernmost islands.

By James Brooke, NY Times



Chin-fu Hung said...

I know Japan is particularly aware of the changing geo-political power structure. She knows very well that China is becoming at least a regional key player not only in the economic arena, but also in politico-military issues. This acknowledgement from the Japanese government is, in my opinion, a formal paper work that manafiests her uneaseness towards its rivaling Chinese neighbours. The Japanese officials have been seriously debating how to properly deal with the emerging Chinese "superpower"?

Anonymous said...

I agree that it is a sign of Japan's uneasiness (fright) but it is also a sign of more dangerous times ahead, since defensive behavior often leads to bloodt results....