Monday, October 18, 2004

China joins drive for green cars


China joins foreign carmakers at exhibition of eco-friendly vehicles in Shanghai as it tries to veer away from petrol-guzzling cars
ANTING (China) - Booming demand is not only turning China into the world's fastest growing car market, but it is also pushing the country to develop vehicles that run on alternative fuels.

(Strait's Times. Oct. 18. 2004)

China might be the beacon for environmentally friendly cars in the future!

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Anonymous said...

China will never become a leader of environmental-friendly products as long as its main goal is to pursue profits, profits, and did I mention profits!

However, CHina might face an energy crisis of such proportions that it will be FORCED to develop new enegy efficient sources - but I think China will continue to establish 'deals' (similar to the US Foreign policy) with middle eastern nations (and other OPEC partners) until the last oil-well has been emptied out. the way forward, for a green evolution, is for government sponsored programs as we have seen in Japan, Denmark and Holland!!!

-the Energy man