Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Powell, the US and their one-China policy

US Secretary of State Colin Powell astonished observers in both East Asia and the US last month with extraordinarily candid comments on the Taiwan issue. His statements moved US policy closer than ever to Beijing's position that Taiwan must reunify with China -- an especially surprising step coming from a conservative Republican administration.

By Ted G. Carpenter (Cato Inst.)
Nov. 5. 2004.

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Will the US benefit from a unified China?
Is the US kowtowing to China - hoping to keep the trade flowing?


xiangxin said...

Very cogent and interesting political blogs. Greetings from Chinese students in Norway!

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Anonymous said...

Will the one-china policy change after Powell's departure?

I think the US is better off with a dynamic china policy..


Chin-fu Hung said...

Hey Sap, what do you mean by a 'dynamic' one China policy?