Monday, February 14, 2005

Seoul Doubts N.Korea Has Nukes, Despite Claim (Reuters)

Here we go again.......

"SEOUL (Reuters) - South Korea's top policymaker on North Korea said Monday North Korea's claim to have nuclear weapons was unproven and Seoul's controversial engagement policy with the North would remain, at least for now.

North Korea explicitly said for the first time last Thursday that it had atomic weapons. The reclusive communist state also said it was pulling out of six-party talks aimed at ending a two-year impasse over its nuclear programs because of what it called U.S. hostility. "There is no doubt that North Korea has 10 to 14 kg (22 to 31 pounds) of plutonium, but there is no evidence that the North has turned it into plutonium bombs," Minister of Unification Chung Dong-young told parliament Monday. "

Reuters via Yahoo!News
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Is Mr. Chung having a point or trying to comfort a worrying nation?

Does North Korea have the bomb?

Any North Koreans out there (either in or outside of the hermit kingdom) .... who wish to comment on this?

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