Sunday, June 05, 2005

Changes to Asia East Blog

How would you like to improve Asia East Blog?
Is is colorful enough?
Does it give you a complete picture of the issues?
Is it living up to your expectations?
What is blatantly missing or what would you like to see more of?

Tell us how we can improve the blog for the purpose of sparking social and economic development in East Asia.

Please share your opinion with the editorial staff. Any response will be appreciated.

Thank you.


Ahistoricality said...

More stuff. I check in sometimes, and it seems like you're posting something about once a week. More frequency always brings more traffic: also more commentary and less quotation. Tell us what it means, or at least what you think it means.

cookiesap on-line said...
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cookiesap on-line said...

ahistoricality: thank you very much for your very helpful comments. I will try to make more postings and fewer quoted articles -- I agree that we need more of what "we" think.

We're proud that you check in from time to time.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cookiesap,

Maybe you should also opine yourself. This is a BLOG SPOT after all. Don't just 'post' news articles and ask questions, this isn't a classroom or a seminar; this is your opportunity to portray the newest frontier of free speech and media freedom. The Blog. Why aren't you covering more details of Aung Saang Syu Kii's house arrest? Why isn't Thailand's dictatorial leader being questioned? Why aren't you scolding Japan for honoring their past abuses of WWII rather than being ashamed of them? Why aren't we discussing Indonesia's double-standard when dealing with criminals, where a terrorist leader gets a slap on the wrist for killing people, but a foreigner gets jail for drug smuggling.
Why aren't we questioning priorities of the East Asia's leaders? Why aren't we scolding the likes of Bush for their utter ignorance of the geopolitical situation of the area? I could go on and on.

C'mon man, this is your blog; this is your church; here is where you come to heal your hurts.

Mr. Berham Erkevitz al Halwa

Ketagalan said...

I've just found your blog on the web few weeks before and i like it very much ! It helps me to keep a "free-minded" updating about the region developments in a way that is very needed to me because of your interesting approach !
Please keep on going !

cookiesap on-line said...

Dear All,

Thanks very much for your critical comments about my blog. It is a blog that is constantly changing, and to keep a high level of discourse on the East Asia is the optimal goal. Furthermore, having many "viewers" or "clicker", or whatever the right jargon might be, it would thus increase the financial flow from the bannerads, which all go to UNICEF and their excellent work in developing countries.
Ketagalan - thanks for your kind words. Keeping an open mind is very difficult in this polarized world between 'good and evil' as dictated by various leaders (guess who) in addition to the high degree of mistrust in East Asia- I consider your words a kind complement.
Thank you - keep the ideas flowing. If any of you have any posting suggestions, don't hesitate to share them with the entire community. all the best. cookiesap