Thursday, December 22, 2005

WP: China Promises Not To Be A Threat To Other Nations

But that's only militarily speaking.
I bet China will cause of lot of economic harm to competitors and friends alike.

A war of cheap toothpaste and t-shirts -- not guns and ammo!!

What do you think?

Washington Post Article


yoshi said...

China (and North Korea) promises sth but they never tell the truth.
China hides something that it tries to do, e.g. expanding military power. Or China hides something shameful to itself, e.g. SARS, Bird Flu, despicable human rights violation, Tinanmen massacre, oppression against human rights/democracy activists.

China is like a cancer cell!!

cookiesap on-line said...

But is that not part of Asian culture, to be somewhat "shy" and circumspect? What proof do we have of Chinese agreession besides increasing military spending? The military has, in many cases, led to jobs and new technologies (internet and mobile technology)...would that not be an argument????

Doalongbong said...

Just as Aldof Hilter's regime had Mollified countless pacific solemns toward its neighboring countries,it acturally had annexed all of them.

By the same token,China just like Nazi Germany in which Fascism is their only common shared value;theirfore,I'd better watch what they will have done,rather than to belive what they promise will do.

As far as "cookiesap" mentioned that China's military build-up will also contribute job offers and technological improvements.So far If we look at their military achivements,none of their hardwares and softwares were invented by themself;but purchased or manufactured from Russia's patent permission functioning for Russia's strategical chess piece aimed to conter U.S' influence in Asia.

Finally,the best solemn pacific declaration for China toward it's Asia neighboring states and U.S. is to sign a Renouncing Military Means Agreement toward Formosa(Taiwan) and never to coerce Formosa against its will.