Monday, December 02, 2013

Giving Christmas CDs for Christmas

I always find it hilarious when people buy Christmas CDs for friends or family for Christmas.

Is it because they were given the CD the previous year and want to get rid of it?

Can't be! Otherwise there wouldn't be so many Christmas CDs sold every year.

Unless, of course, all Christmas CDs are unwrapped prematurely before Christmas eve (day) since people just can't wait to hear more of the same Christmas music

Can't be because then people would run out of ideas for Christmas gifts, since giving Christmas CDs continues to be such hot business….

Unless, of course, you're in Singapore where Christmas is a wonderful season that usually starts pretty much around the of Halloween (October), where Christmas CDs are blasted through the speakers of most malls, stores and restaurants.

Can't be!  …. No, it's true. Christmas is an important part of Singapore, where you can see fake snow, which feels wonderful when it touches your sweaty brow...

Unless, of course you're giving Christmas ornaments to your friends or family for Christmas (which is actually quite common in Denmark), which is another activity that can easily translate to the "passing-on-of-the-gift" since no one remembers what they gave other people the previous year.

Can't be! I always take note of what people give me for Christmas to avoid giving the same thing back the following year.

Ahh. Christmas the most wonderful time of the year.

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