Sunday, April 10, 2005

10,000 Anti-Japanese protesters in Beijing

April 10: For two days running, anti-Japanese protests have mustered in the streets of Beijing to perhaps reach as many as 10,000 demonstrators. Flag burning and stone-throwing against the Japanese embassy were but a few of the actions taken by the disgruntled Chinese. But were they "thinking for themselves"?

China has had explosive economic growth, but in the process of keeping the China unified under the CCP, China has felt compelled to remain bent over a few political, and definitely ideological issues. One of them is the Taiwan issue, another is with Tibet, and perhaps the most appropos, is the anti-Japanese sentiment. It is a growing a problem, which could lead to decreasing terms of trade that in turn could undermine the legitimacy of the CCP. The party is largely depending on economic growth for acceptance among not only the Chinese but also other world powers.

Is China slowly painting itself into a corner, by not balancing these issues adequately and keeping them "at check". Although these issues repeat themselves every couple years or so, has china now so many problematic hards on her hand, that the country is stuck in the middle of a dilemma? These protests are definitely not typical!!

China's future depend on your comment .... :)

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