Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Anti-Japanese Protests - 2 months Later

It has now been approximately two months since the anti-Japanese protests took the world media world by (near) surprise and raised the eyebrows of many a Japanese citizen. What has happened in the interim?

First of all, there was the incident, where China's Vice-Premier bailed out on visiting Japan's PM Koizumi. Quite an embarrassment - but noteworthy in the "who bows for who" contest between the old rivals. Elsewhere, new events in China have mainly been surrounding various protests within the 'great firewall' between officials and regular Jane and Johns (or should I say Wangs and Lius). Perhaps the recent turmoil, as we particularly saw in Anhui Province last week, may call for another round of anti-Japanese protest to 'unify' once again. Isn't that what it is for? To have a common purpose that can bring poor and rich alike (and their chasm of a difference) connected and bridged together. China sure is having many balls in the air: authoritarianism, capitalism, nationalism, revisionism, and many others. What happens if one of these falls to the ground?

Do you think there will be more anti-Japan protests in the near future?

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