Saturday, July 09, 2005

Philippines...what is going on?

What's going on in the Philippines?

For weeks, a growing anti-Arroyo movement has been gaining foothold, but the first lady has still kept her grip on the military, the government, the courts and the far. On July 12, however, the Catholic church of the Philippines will convene to create an announcement that states whether they are in support or opposition of the president. This will either "make or break" Arroyo, as the church was crucial in the downfall of Estrada.

Meanwhile the protests carry on. Police has been breaking up more riots, but what will now happen? The Philippines, despite all its turmoil, has always found a way out, in my opinion.

Although previous leaders in the Philippines were 'kicked our' (Marcos and Estrada), things still need to get a lot worse, before we can expect anything radical to happen. That's how I assess the situation.
What is your take on it?
Any locals who would like to chip in?

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