Tuesday, November 08, 2005

6-party talks resume

And so they will talk again. And they will translate. And they will drink some water, although it won't be from the dry throat of talking too much. It will be a good discussion between the 6 parties. But will it matter? Will they accomplish anything?

What does the media say?

BBC: George Bush's comments during his visit to Brazil has upset the North Koreans: "The North Korean delegation leader, Kim Kye-gwan, warned that the US sometimes made progress difficult. "
AP: "Even host China tried to moderate expectations, saying this week's meeting could be considered a success even if it produces no written agreement."
Overall, there seems to be little optimism, and generally very little information about this in the media.
What's next? Probably another round of talk.
We'll see. Bush doesn't seem to have much 'political capital' to spend on this with his plate full of concerns back in Washington.

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