Monday, November 28, 2005

Another Mine Explosion in China: Does anyone care?

Although these tragedies happen quite frequently, I still think it is worth stopping whatever we are doing and send our thoughts to those who lost loved ones in Chinese mining accidents.

An explosion on Sunday night in northeastern China has killed 134 people, according to Associated Press (AP). Coal dust caught on fire in a mine deep underground the city of Qitaihe, Heilongjiang province.

Consider this, One, mining accidents have occurred often in china, and second, accidents in general have covered the headlines in China.

Now, why should we care? Well, that's up to us as individuals, but I think we should start to understand the importance of these mines to our own lives, and thank those who undertake such dangerous livelihoods.

Here's my logic: most manufactured goods and textiles that I have seen recently have all been either partially or fully "Made in China." How are they made? Without electricity they will definitely not end up in our shopping baskets. That's for sure! So what is the most used form of energy in China? ..... Coal, kemosabe!

Thus, these mining operations have an indirect effect on our lives and in addition to our sympathy from learning about awful things that happen to our fellow humans, we now have a business-economic reason for caring as well.

Let's all care!!

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