Saturday, July 14, 2007

North Korea Closes Yongbyon Reactor

Breaking News from the Hermit State

North Korea has allegedly closed down its controversial Yongbyon nuclear reactor. The move is a surprise to most analysts who remained skeptical of Pyongyang's previous hints at such a move. While the secluded country might still change their position on just about any issue at the drop of a hat, the decision is a new milestone in the negotiations towards denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula. Hopefully this could be an early step towards a long-term peace negotiation between North Korea and their historical enemies (i.e. South Korea, US, Japan).

Let's not hold our breath for a reopening of North Korea, but let's pray that the improved engagement with Kim Jong-il could help restore hope to millions of North Koreans who remain in abrupt poverty.

IHT/NYT article about the development


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