Thursday, September 15, 2005

Asian Culture and Holidays: Chusok

East Asia Blog should not only be a forum for political and economic issues. Soft issues, such as culture, art, and entertainment (I love Korean movies) are just as important and interesting.

Since the Korean Thanksgiving, Chusok (추석), is just around the corner, now is an appropriate time to discuss the meaning of this important holiday. The following website gives you a good explaination of the ways in which Koreans celebrate their harvest festival:

Chusok the Korean Thanksgiving, by Eun Mee Kim

Korean Thanksgiving Day: by Yoo Min

Chusok: by Bet Key Wong

In a nutshell, Korea turns into one big traffic jam during this holidays, as people visit family members and graves of their ancestors, which they worship.

My own experiences from Chusok is that you get time off from work, and that's always fun.

What are your experiences?
Please tell share your stories, both from a Korean and Expat perspective.

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