Sunday, September 18, 2005

Hill's Monday Au Revoir- AP


AP reports that Christopher Hill, the head US Envoy at the 6-party talks, will leave Beijing on Monday afternoon after 7 days of negotiations. Whether he will leave the talks with an empty briefcase or whether his sooner-than-expected departure it will pressure all parties to sign an agreement, is yet unknown.

Pressure seems to be mounting on the US to allow the North Korean regime to establish Light Water Reactors, as originally promised in the 1994 Agreed Framework. It will be exciting to see whether this issue is a 'showstopper' or an issue to be resolved before the new Monday deadline. These LWR could potentially be used to construct nuclear weapsons material, but it is very difficult and probably the best solution for a country starved of energy.

The US should let the North Korean regime keep a low degree of Nuclear Power technology, in order to gain some leeway with the communist regime. This could in the long-term allow for better engagement and communication between the North Korea and the other 6 party members -- the best way to start a reform process.

My other suggestion is to let Denmark and Holland build windmill farms in North Korea. That's would be a sight and a half.

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