Thursday, September 29, 2005

Avoid Mice Fever (EHF)

In the northeastern Jilin Province the discomforting Mice Fever has been spreading rapidly. The Star Online reports that the number of fatalities may already have surpassed last year's number of 1,840 cases. Experts suggest, according to that the increase may be linked to lower vaccination rates this year. Sadly, farmers in the poorest areas often cannot afford the vaccination, which is fatal in the areas where the Fever has hit the hardest. In one of the more seriously hit areas, Jilin's Shuangyang district, national-level monitoring of the disease has been implemented. The bottom line: stay away from Mice, their droppings, or any culinary delicacy (no matter what they tell you in Jilin) that involves Mickey's relatives.

Now, would this disease ever have the potential to reach epidemic status (like SARS)? You probably won't get that news from any Da Lu (Mainland) news sources if this ever were to become the case.


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