Thursday, October 13, 2005

Bill Goes to the Hermit Kingdom

No, we're not talking about Hillary's other half. This is the superstar Governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson. Having been connected to officials in North Korea for many years, Bill will next week make another trip to the DPRK in the name of goodwill to talk about health, energy, and of course, the nuclear weapons issue in the isolated land of Chosun. This is just awesome, isn't it?

But why? Well, for a number of reasons. First of all, as already mentioned, Mr. Richardson has visited North Korea several times (4 trips under Bill Clinton) and has great contacts with the officials there. Secondly, Bill has the support of the White House. Ex-secretary Powell would even consult with Mr. Richardson on the North Korean Issue--so he's trusted on both sides of the isle. Thirdly, Bill would serve as someone as an alternative to the administration and would thus show a broad US support for the 6-party talks and their recent agreement. Last, but not least, Bill would fly to North Korea is a jet lent to him by the USAF. Isn't that just sweeeeet.

Bon Voyage, Bill!!
Yi Lu Shun Feng


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