Saturday, October 08, 2005

Major Earthquake in Northern Pakistan

Hundred are feared killed in a huge quake just 80 km north of the capital Islamabad. The quake measured a full 7.8 on the renowned Richter scale.

How many earthquakes have to shake the poorer parts of the world, before we all open our eyes to the disparity in wealth across our planet?

Were you there - what do you know at this point?
Please share your comments, information, or first-hand narrative!


Cheeky Monkey said...

What does the wealth of the people have to do with the tragedy that took place? They could be wealthy, a earthquake of that strength is still going to destroy everything. Wealthy or poor, this is not a time to be pointing fingers or playing the blame game.

cookiesap on-line said...

On the contrary. Such disasters hit the 'don't haves' the most and point out the great problems we're facing in the developing countries.
Earthquakes don't destroy everything. They destroy the poorer worst - and often the wealthier have a better chance. Blame game? Nobody is being blamed- I merely want to point out problems we are facing and how disasters can help us come to terms with our obstacles for a better world..

Ahistoricality said...

You can find some good links, some personal comments, and suggestions for donations at Sepoy has been in contact with family in the region and is a generally smart guy.