Saturday, October 15, 2005

Rummy's Trip to Beijing

It's simply fantastic to report about all these big-wig Americans that are traveling to East Asia. I supposed the US still very much is a part of Pacific-Asia. Rummy's to meet with Hu as well as Don's counterpart in the Chinese military.

Before we think about the repurcussions of this trip, or what in the world the hawk might accomplish, let's not forget that Rummy just cancelled a stop in Japan. The discussions over base reallignment with the country of the rising sun is important, but Rummy would rather skip it to show his discontent with the slow progress of negotiations there (although a breakthrough has just been reached as this article was composed). Does this not underline a shifting focus from Japan to the Middle Kingdom. Is Japan, in the eyes of US official, a setting sun and China the new rising one?
Probably not - with Koizumi's recent election victory and first step towards privatization of the postal savings system, let's not jump to any premature conclusions, unless you really want to object???

For Rummy's trip to China, it shall be interesting to see whether this will be a first step towards mutual agreements for disarmament, or whether to check on the status of the rival, as to re-define the arms production in allignment with his findings? Rummy is a bit concerned over China's large military spending stating that it doesn't have any enemies. (Hold on, Does the US and Russia have that many, except terrorists?). At any rate, we'll have to see in the rear view mirror how his trip plays out and affects US foreign policy vis-a-vis China.

Please let me know what you think Rummy may tell Hu or what this could result in. But the question is, if tensions are growing between Taiwan and China, would we want someone like Rummy in control of the very powerful "buttons"?


PS. Did you know that Rummy used to be an investment banker, and has also been quoted saying "I don't do diplomacy." (Wikipedia article)


Cheeky Monkey said...

I know this is a terrable thing to say, but I really hope his aircraft goes down in flames!!!! People like him make America look so BAD!!!!

cookiesap on-line said...

That is a terrible thing to say- I hope you knocked on wood, or something. But I always appreciate your comments, Cheeky Money.

At any rate, you do have a legitimate point of how Rumsfeld gives America a "bad name". But then again, since when was power-politics about marketing and name/product-placement/prestige (ala Coke and Nike). Rumsfeld probably doesn't care, and if he can get away with something to reach an end (Machiavelli/Kissinger) he certainly would.

There are tons of websites that publish some of his many outrageous utterings.

While Bush may say something stupid or embarrasing, Rumsfeld actually means everything he says (sad but true).

AndyG said...

Hey, I like your blog and your post over on mine.

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